Our History

Our Rutland UK base is well known as one of the foremost manufacturers of practising medical herbalists’ ingredients (mainly tinctures) and has for many years been one of the favoured suppliers of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. During this time it has been visited by many top professional herbalists from all the over the world.

Following Directive 2004/24/EC, which puts herbal medicines into the same regulatory framework as conventional pharmaceuticals (The Medicines Act 1968, amended), the name English Herbal Medicines was granted by Companies House, to create a vehicle to preserve for the British public, future lawful access to the most important traditional medicines.

Since that time, the Company has worked with the UK Medicines Regulatory Authority (MHRA, Dept. of  Health), to fully license “Traditional Herbal Registration” (THR) products. THRs are General Sales List herbal medicine products that are designed and permitted to be lawfully sold to the public.

We see our role as helping to ease the cost to NHS primary trusts resulting from the burden on GPs of the most common, self-limiting ailments, ranging from neuro-endocrine problems to the common cold. We shall do this by providing access to the general public and their health advisors of a broad range of properly quality controlled, fully approved and licensed medicines.

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