Valerian Relaxisleep

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Therapeutic indication

Valerian Relaxisleep is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms of mild anxiety and to aid sleep, based on traditional use only.

Each 5ml of oral liquid contains 1.5ml of tincture from dried Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) root (1:8). Extraction solvent: Ethanol 57%v/v.Also contains Liquorice Liquid Extract,Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Coriander Oil,Anise Oil, Ethanol (90%), Sucrose,Water.

For the symptomatic relief of symptoms of mild anxiety take two 5ml spoonfuls three times a day with water or fruit juice if desired.To aid sleep take two 5ml spoonfuls 30 minutes before bedtime with an earlier dose during the evening if necessary.

Enviro Friendly Label and Packaging:
Almost zero new paper packaging is produced for the manufacture of this product.The Patient Information Leaflet is found behind the peel-and reseal front label.There is no bottle box and product is re-delivered in the same outer card wrapping that the empty bottles are received in by the final dosage form manufacturers (subject to quality checks).

Pack Size:
Available in 200ml amber glass bottle with 20mm screw top.
Supplied in boxes of 10 bottles.
Nominal weight per box of 10 is 4.4 kg.

THR 28255/0017

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